Tears and Mirrors

When I'm there, things move so fast, all I can do is try to stay calm. When I'm there, there's no end in sight to all of this so all I can do is try to resolve those things that are within my power. When I'm there, there is so much sorrow, all I can do is try to tell the encouraging stories.

But today I came back. And as my head hit the pillow, all I could do was cry.

I cried for the women who haven't seen their husbands in a year.

I cried for the children who miss their fathers so desperately.

I cried for the men who languish in prisons for fleeing the war, because crossing the border was illegal.

I cried for the people who are being deported.

I cried for the people who are depressed and daren't even ask for help.

I cried for the families who have others missing or dead in the Aegean.

I cried for the people standing in long lines to receive food they'd never choose, in camps nobody wants, just to stay alive.

I cannot fathom what life feels like for them - how life feels when it's in the hands of others.

But I can be their friend. I can sit over a chai and listen to their stories. I can share my love for art, for languages, for pizza. I can help sell an artist's drawing, and end up building a new friendship. I can look into that mirror, and I can be there for that part in all of us that need friends, not strangers, for survival. Ask me, and you can too.

If you would like to offer your friendship to the people I work with in Northern Greece, I can connect you via Skype, via Facebook, Whatapp, Viber.
Photo Credit, Nour.

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Kayra Martinez

American citizen, born in Colorado with a passion for travel and working for a major airline. Humanitarian, Founder of Love Without Borders-For Refugees in Need.

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