Prosper Condemns U.S. anti-migrant orders

As members of the Prosper Community we stand in strong opposition to the anti-refugee and immigrant policies proposed by the United States on Friday, January 27th. President Donald Trump's recent Executive Orders are a betrayal of dearly held American values: inclusion and freedom, particularly freedom of religion. As a mix of both European and American migrant focused businesses, non-governmental organizations, and leaders, we condemn the inhumane actions of President Trump. These policies reduce individuals and families to the lowest common denominator and ignore the Geneva Convention relating to refugees fleeing persecution as well as individuals with migrant backgrounds legally living in, or traveling to, the United States.

The Prosper Consortium will continue to provide a digital space for refugees and migrant-led initiatives based on our belief, "When refugees prosper, we all prosper."

Signing Partners

and the following individuals

Elisa Santana
Kayra Martinez
Danika Jurisic
Leslie Meral Schick
Laurie Davidson
Jacky Malotoux
Ruhi Akhtar/Refugee Biriyani and Bananas
Tim Eisenlohr

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