From back to front, Prosper partners with Berlin-based group metacollect!

For Immediate Release, 2 August, 2016

In our effort to reduce duplication, our team at Prosper has been eager to partner with other organizations to centralize refugee related initiatives throughout Europe. In late 2015 we connected with the Berlin-based group metacollect through the Techfugees Slack team. Over the past six months, Prosper and metacollect have developed a joint vision for our work to connect the multiple initiatives working on refugee aid. We are pleased to formally announce our partnership moving forward, whereby the new Prosper platform (currently in development) will be powered by metacollect’s open data service and use open source visualization made available by InfoCompass.

alt metacollect team-members: Martin, Britta, Moritz, Ulrike, Robert. Missing: Markus, Felix

The goal of metacollect is to provide up-to-date information about civil society projects. Their vision is to strengthen the power of collaboration “by providing a central repository of information that can reveal synergies between formerly disparate projects.” Metacollect’s focus is grounded in the multiple platforms that have emerged in response to newcomers arriving in Berlin and Germany.

Beyond Berlin: expanding the scope

Prosper intends to leverage metacollect’s data model and expand the scope in order to reach groups outside of Germany. Prosper co-founder Natasha Freidus believes this partnership will lead to increased efficacy,

“An overview of the landscape of innovation is a sorely needed, but often overlooked tool. Imagine if volunteers could easily search for organizations by location or topic? If hackathons learn what apps are already in development? If we could form networks to connect initiatives and feature replicable models?”

As part of the metacollect core team, Moritz is currently overseeing the development of Prosper's new platform which will feature improved search functionality, standardized humanitarian categories, and featured collections curated by Prosper volunteers. He writes,

"We’re thrilled to be substantiating this partnership with Prosper. They have the outreach and global vision to take the technical foundation we are building and give it the scope that it deserves.”

Building a movement for migrant related data.

Interested in getting involved? We are always interested in partnerships, as well as volunteers with experience in communications, direct aid, people who have lived the refugee experience, and technical expertise. If you would like to join our team, please reach out via our website at Join the Team or if you’re based in Berlin come to metacollect’s regular Monday evening meetings at the OK Lab Berlin.

Natasha Freidus

Natasha Freidus is a consultant and trainer leveraging new media tools for social change. She currently lives in France where she volunteers with a local refugee solidarity effort.

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