Featured Projects

2,300 projects and counting. The sheer quantity of initiatives is inspiring, but it's also overwhelming for people to know where to start. Eventually, Prosper will incorporate curated collections of projects by theme, impact, and geography. For now, we're going to list a few of our favorites.

"What criteria do you use? you may ask. We're starting with projects that reflect the Prosper values of transparency, diversity, collaboration, open source, and human-centered design. Throw in strong leadership, a vision for long-term change, andgroups that have stuck around for more than six months, and you have the Prosper favorites!

  1. RefuComm
  2. Rafiqi
  3. The People's Street Kitchen of Chios
  4. Refugeeswork
  5. Art without borders
  6. Mapfugees
  8. InfoCompass
  9. Natakallam
  10. Lifting Hands International
  11. Phone Credit for Refugees & Displaced Peoples

Disclaimer: This list is in not intended to be exhaustive - but rather, a sampling of what's in our database to encourage you to search away! For other examples of smart aid, check out projects featured at Campfire Innovation and Migration Hub. And if you have a project you think should be added to our list, let us know!