Prosper Community

Prosper Community is a consortium of partners and volunteers who have produced and are curating a searchable database of migrant-related initiatives. We see active collaboration as essential to efficiently contribute to the refugee crisis.


We are a partnership of stakeholders committed to data-sharing for migrant aid. Lead partners are the Migration Hub Network, NeedsList , and metacollect.


Prosper volunteers are a diverse group of designers, developers, data scientists, aid workers, and refugees—all driven by a shared belief that when refugees prosper, we all prosper.


Our database (in development) provides a searchable, accurate, up-to-date repository of refugee related initiatives. These include long-term NGO's to grassroots innovations to networks, funders, and research partner. Please note, we are committed to open data and have licensed this database under the Open Database License attribution and share-alike.


Prosper emerged as John Ellison's response to the human suffering of the refugee crisis in Europe. Since launching an experimental landing page in October 2015, a global community of skilled digital workers has centralized around a single mission:

To transform the refugee crisis into an opportunity to foster an integrated society where every person is cherished and prosperity abounds.

If you want to learn more about Prosper’s background, values, and vision check out our original playbook.

In early 2016, frustrated by our research and duplication of efforts, our team decided to create a central repository of all refugee related initiatives. By networking with initiatives across Europe, we aggregated a database that now includes almost 2,500 projects. After launching our Case for Support, originally at, we partnered with the Berlin based group, metacollect, who is developing an open data API for migrant initiatives in Germany.

An initial version of our revamped platform is now available at Prosper Search with improved search functionality and standardized humanitarian categories. Featured collections curated by Prosper partners will launch soon.


We are mission driven

Prosper exists to help refugees prosper in Europe. At Prosper, purpose is at the heart of everything we do. It is constantly evolving and reflects each individual as well as the organization as a whole. At its core, our approach is based on seeing mass migration as an opportunity for Europe, not a threat.

We are co-creators

We use human-centered design in our work. Whether the users are refugees, asylum seekers, NGO’s, or other stakeholders, our products are designed in collaboration with intended users.

Prosper is open source

Our products and approach celebrate open exchange, collaborative participation, transparency. We’re not just talking about code here. Open source means that we share resources, approaches, data, and intentionally collaborate with other actors in this space.

Diversity is a strength

We believe it is important to maintain diversity across gender, ethnicity, faith and discipline. At the same time, we realize that differences amongst people can create conflict. We value our ability to harness conflict as a vehicle for constructive change.

Trust is the basis of all that we do

We believe that people are good by nature and deserve to be trusted (unless proven otherwise).We allow and support experimentation, and risk-taking internally. We understand that people are imperfect, and thus forgiveness is an integral element in our foundation of trust.

We are a community of learners

We believe that everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn. Alone we can do nothing, but together, nothing is impossible.


  • John Ellison
  • Natasha Freidus
  • Moritz Bieber
  • Jenny Imhoff
  • Alex Lop
  • Danika Jurisic
  • Gerru Kloppers
  • Jools Stone
  • Amanda Levinson
  • Bob Breznak
  • Stu Seddon
  • Francesco
  • Jay
  • Ralf Schroeder
  • Dean Hayden
  • Kayra Martinez
  • Meg Pagani
  • Haikel Drine
  • Sara Saheb Kashef
  • Sara Bergamaschi
  • Arman


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We are always looking for partners in our consortium and a range of volunteers and skills. From full stack development to data entry, from Arabic speakers to social media gurus, from aid workers in the camps to researchers. Our model is flexible. We meet regularly online and you can pick up specific tasks or take on more of a leadership role. If you believe in our mission, join us.

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