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We're a community of digital workers collaborating to help refugees prosper in Europe.

Who We Are

We are designers, developers, data scientists, aid workers, and refugees—all driven by a shared belief that when refugees prosper, we all prosper.

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  • Natasha
  • Gerru
  • Alex
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Our Journey

Prosper emerged out of one designer's response to the human suffering of the refugee crisis in Europe. Since launching in October 2015, a global community of skilled digital workers has centralized around a single mission:

To transform the refugee crisis into an opportunity to foster a new Europe—a society where every person is cherished and prosperity abounds.

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Prosper Projects

Our projects are a combination of human-centered design and open source technology and are built and maintained by online volunteers from all over the world. At this stage in our journey, this is the main way that we help refugees prosper in Europe.

Initiatives addressing the refugee crisis are scattered all across the web. This makes it difficult for refugees, volunteers, and donors to find exactly what they are looking for and leads to duplication of efforts. This platform is our solution.
Start Date:
8 December 2015
We're currently working with metacollect and other partners to build out the next iteration of Please feel free to contact us for more information.
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Volunteer Online

As a skilled digital worker, there are problems of the refugee crisis that only you can solve...

If you have skills, passion and experience you can make a massive impact in the lives of refugees in Europe. We've worked hard to make sure that our volunteers can easily contribute to refugee crisis projects no matter where your are in the world. As a result, we've build a vibrant community of skilled digital workers all over the world who are working together to help refugees prosper in Europe.

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